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Center of Molecular Research or CMR is a isotope production company which is included into the group of companies, founded in 1993. By now our company is one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of Oxygen-18 water and other stable isotopes worldwide. For more than twenty years Center of Molecular Research has been a reliable supplier of isotopes for our customers in different industries basically nuclear medicine, science and industry. Our Product List includes various stable and industrial isotopes.

CMR is the manufacturer of GMP certified stable isotope Oxygen-18 water. Moreover we supply a wide range of reagent kits, chemicals for PET-tomography and PET precursors. All CMR reagents are produced in clean rooms and dispensed under controlled conditions. Material and kits are sterile and non-pyrogenic. Vials are doubly packaged in a special vacuum bag within a compact carton box.

We offer enriched stable isotopes for cyclotron and reactor targets. This list includes the following elements: Xe-124, Te-124, Ni-64, Tl-203 and many others. CMR is ready to accept orders for almost full range of isotope elements of Periodic Table. Our full Product List is always available on our web-site or can be sent by e-mail after request for it. Industrial isotopes and radioactive isotopes are also on our Product List. There are I-125, I-131, Heavy Water D2O, Zn-64 and others.

We provide high quality products due to the fact that manufacture process totally complies with applicable international standards as well as national and is certified by GMP authorities.

Our company is oriented to build a successful long-term relationship with clients. We are striving to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

We offer reasonable prices, a fast delivery time and an individual approach to each client.

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