A feature of this production is the complete absence of harmful emissions and discharges. Natural water is used as a raw material for production. Water which passed the water treatment unit is fed directly to columns. Water treatment includes the phase of reagentless settling and two purification stages of reverse osmosis. Discharge water from the site are concentrated contamination of source water. Dump from a distillation apparatus are pours of upper tank columns of the first stage of the cascade, which turns the water quality above the original. This water is discharged into the water recycling system, and from there, when the system overflows, water is discharged to sewer, where it mixes with concentrates of water treatment unit.

Thus, there is a material balance of incoming and discharged water.

Oxygen-18 is a stable isotope. Therefore, the production of water enriched with Oxygen-18 does not require ensuring the measures of radiation and dosimetric control.