MAG3 is the sterile non-radioactive lyophilizate that is intended for use after the labelling with Technetium-99m. Radiopharmaceuticals are prepared directly before it use in the clinics and medical centers.

CMR Product code: С012

Trade name: Technemag, 99mTc
INN: —
Cold Kit content:
Stannous dichloride — 0.024 mg/vial
S-benzoylmercaptoacetyltriglycine — 0.5 mg/vial
Sodium tartrate — 20.0 mg/vial
Radiopharmaceutical activity (99mTc): 37 — 185 MBq/vial

is suitable agent for application of the radiopharmaceutical is indicated in adults with different pathology of urinary system in order to evaluate the total and separate renal excretory and upper urinary tract function, the study of their anatomical and topographical features.

Cold kit expiry: 12 months after the production date.
Radiopharmaceutical expiry: 5 hours since the preparation.
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