We cooperate with ORA and Fluidomiсa and we are the official distributor of Eckert&Ziegler
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CMR supplies with the radiopharmaceutical technological equipment from our partners:
Supplied radiosynthesizers are design for automated production of different radiotracers with Fluorine-18, Carbon-11, Gallium-68, Lutetium-177 etc. Each of these units is installed and maintained by the experienced engineers and, upon request, can be qualified.
Radiopharmaceutical production sites can be supplied
with quality control equipment from American, European, CIS and Chinese manufacturers:

  • dose-calibrators;
  • gamma-spectrometers (MCA);
  • radio-TLC scanners;
  • GC, HPLC and IC;
  • systems for the bacterial endotoxins testing
and many others.
Medical centers and clinics can be supplied with
the special ophthalmic applicators that contain radionuclides Ruthenium-106 and Rhodium-106.
They are intended for contact radiation therapy
of malignant tumors of eyes and appendages of the eye,
such as: melanoma of the iris, retinoblastoma and others.

This applicators are covered with stainless steel,
that prevents corrosion, allows sterilization and therefore can be reused.

Absorbed dose rate: 20-40 cGy/hour.
Expiration date: 12 months.
CMR supplies and rents the shielded transportation containers for radioactive materials:

  • Model CF18-T and same one, suitable for Comecer dispensers;
  • Model A65 type A;
  • Model UK 20 type B(U)
and others.

For clarification of any questions, please contact
our manager in your region.
Transportation containers for radionuclides
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