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We supply isotopes for nuclear medicine, space industry, oil and gas industry, research institutes.
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Radioactive isotopes are nuclides that have an unstable atomic nucleus. Radioisotopes release energy...
Stable isotopes
Stable isotopes are nuclides that are not radioactive (they do not decay, although some...
CMR supplies with the radiopharmaceutical technological equipment from our partners...
Theranostic complex
CMR & Fluidomica cooperation provides ready-to-use solution for Ga-68/ Lu-177 radiopharmaceuticals preparation...
Cold Kits for Technetium-99m
High purity metals and compounds
Lyophilizates for the technetium-99m generator (the so-called "cold" kits) are medicines that...
Isotope enriched water and compounds
Our company supply high-purity metals and compounds. High-purity metals and alloys...
The main area of application of heavy water is nuclear power and industry...
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