Ophthalmic applicators ru106 + rh106

CMR provides ophthalmic applicators (OA) which are intended for contact radiation therapy of malignant tumors of eyes and appendages of the eye, such as melanoma of the iris, retinoblastoma, melanoma and others. OA is a sealed radionuclide source of ionizing radiation. They are produced by an original technology – radionuclides Ruthenium-106 and Rhodium-106 are placed on the substrate, which makes it possible to distribute the activity on its surface uniformly.
- The use of ophthalmic applicators is an exceptional organ preservation and an effective treatment method;
- The outer surface is made of stainless steel, which prevents corrosion and allows various sterilizations to take place;
- The ophthalmic applicators can be reused as they are resistant to moisture, body fluids and tissue;
The applicators are produced by the Institute of Physics and Energy of the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation

106Ru – 106Rh

Decay mode
E (106Ru) = 39,4 keV
E (106Rh) = 3540,0 keV

T ½ (106Ru) = 373,59 days
T ½ (106Rh) = 29,9 second
Absorbed dose rate (ADR) on the working surface
20-40 cGy/hour
Expiration date
12 months
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