Sterile vials

Sterile vials are intended to bе used as primary packaging materials for radiopharmaceuticals. All this vials and their stoppers are sterile and pyrogen-free.

Each standard kit (set) of sterile vials contains of 10 pcs. of type I glass vials 15 ml and 10 pcs. of chlorobutyl rubber stoppers 20 mm. It can be produced under the aseptic conditions or made with terminal sterilization using ethylene oxide.

Optionally, the aseptic assembled kits can be changed as per customers’ request:
· glass vials can be made with other dimensions (2 - 20 ml);
· rubber stoppers can be made from other compounds (for example, bromobutyl or PTFE coated);
· other packaging variants are possible (for example, 5 vials per а package);
· sterile vials can be already crimped with aluminum caps and additionally autoclaved.
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