Intended use
Phosphorus-32 is utilized for diagnosing brain tumors, intraocular lesions, breast cancer, and certain other conditions. Phosphorus-32 can be used for determining blood flow velocity, total erythrocyte volume, circulating blood volume in cardiovascular diseases, as well as for diagnosing blood disorders. Phosphorus-32 is considered the best-known treatment for polycythemia, and it is less effective for treating myeloid leukemia. Additionally, radioactive phosphorus is applied in some malignant neoplasms such as Ewing’s sarcoma, osteogenic sarcoma, gallbladder cancer, and bone metastases of breast cancer.

1. Non-carrier added radionuclide;
2. GMP product;
3. Tested for sterility and bacterial endotoxins.

Chemical form: Orthophosphoric acid in 0.04M HCl
Appearance: transparent, colourless liquid
Half-life period: 14.29 days
Radiochemical purity, %: ≥ 99.99
Specific activity, Ci/mmol: > 8400.0
Radioactive concentration, mCi/ml: ≥ 2000.0
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