Intended use
Sr-89 is among the most effective modern therapeutic agents utilized for palliative treatment of patients with metastatic tumors in the prostate, breast, kidneys, and lungs.
Sr-89 is also employed as an alternative method (or as a supplement to external beam therapy) for the management of pain syndrome in bone cancer.

1. Non-carrier added radionuclide;
2. GMP product;
3. Tested for sterility and bacterial endotoxins.

Chemical form: 89Strontium solution as a chloride
Half-life period: 50.5 days
Concentrations, mg/ml: 10.9-22.6
Concentrations of Radioactive Impurities (relative to 89Sr activity), %:
90Sr: ≤2.0×10-4
Other Radionuclides: ≤1.0×10-3
Other γ-emitting Impurities: ≤0.35
Radioactive concentrations, MBq/ml: 33.3-40.7 on production date
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