Intended use
This radionuclide is frequently employed for the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease and other cardiac conditions. It has been a commonly used substitute for Tc-99m in Tl-201 and served as a primary agent in nuclear cardiology. This radionuclide continues to be utilized for stress tests in identifying high-risk patient groups with ischemic heart disease.

1. Non-carrier added radionuclide;
2. GMP product;
3. Tested for sterility and bacterial endotoxins.

Chemical form: 201Tl, carrier free, in 0.9 % of NaCl solution
Appearance: transparent, colourless liquid
Half-life period: 3.04 days
Radiochemical purity, %: ≥ 95
Radionuclide Purity, %: ≥ 98
Specific Activity, µCi/mL: ≥ 10
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