Ge-68/Ga-68 Generators

Ge-68 isotope is the parent isotope of Ge-68/Ga-68 generator used to produce the Ga-68 isotope; it is used as a positron emitter in PET method. The parent isotope 68Ge has a half-life of 270.95 days and can be easily delivered to hospitals as the generator, where it can be used as the source of Ga-68 within not less than one year. Gallium- 68 (with a half-life of only 67.71 minutes, complicated to deliver) can be easily eluted from the generator any time at the place of the application and used for different purposes. The 68Ga — generator of a chromatographic type represents a glass column with a sorbent based on modified titanium dioxide. The parent radionuclide 68Ge is fixed on this sorbent. The column is placed into the lead shielding container and provided with eluent and eluate lines. 68Ga, which is formed as a result of 68Ge decay, is eluted from the column by 0.1 M HCI. The eluent and eluate lines consist of catheter (4,13) connected with extension lines 6 (polyvinylchloride (PVC) tube with male / female ends). The 68Ga– generator is produced with a nominal activity of 68Ge:

Half life: Germanium-68 270.95 days
Half life: Galium-68 67.71 minutes

Technical Specifications:
68Ga - yield of at least 75% for 5 mL of eluent on the first use and at least 45% after 3 years or 400 elutions.
Breakthrough of 68Ge is no more than 0.005%.
The 68Ga generator is produced with nominal activities of 68Ge - 10 µCi (370 MBq), 20 µCi (740 MBq), 30 µCi (1110 MBq), 40 µCi (1480 MBq), 50 µCi (1850 MBq), and 100 µCi (3700 MBq).
Permissible deviation from nominal activity ranges from 0% to +10%.

The generator is certified within the equipment, product, and technology certification system for nuclear installations, radiation sources, and storage (OIT certification system).

Generator Dimensions:
Diameter: 90 mm
Height: 188 mm
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