Chemical form: H218O
Isotopic Enrichment: ≥ 98 %
Molecular weight: 20.02
CAS №:14314-42-2

Product description
Oxygen-18 water form (H218O) is the chemical pure water with the high isotopic enrichment of oxygen-18. It is used in the particle accelerators to get fluorine-18. High enrichment level of target material with oxygen-18 isotope allows to reduce the yield of undesirable by-product nitrogen-13 during the fluorine-18 production.

Product application
Oxygen-18 enriched water is used as a starting material for medical cyclotron production. Bombardment of oxygen-18 with hydrogen ions (protons) leads to nuclear reaction of 18O(p,n)18F. Produced fluorine-18 is the radionuclide precursor of different diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals used for positron emission tomography (PET):
18F -FDG (Fludeoxyglucose)
18F -NaF (Sodium fluoride)
18F -DOPA (Fluorodopa)
18F -Fluorocholine
18F -FMISO (Fluoromisonidazole)
18F -FET (Fluoroethyl-l-tyrosine)
18F -FLT (Fluorothymidine)
18F -PSMA-1007
And many others.

Today 18F-FDG is the most widespread PET radiopharmaceutical. 18F-FDG is an analogue of D-glucose, and it is very well absorbed by cells with increased metabolism. The accumulation of radiotracers in the body’s tissues allows to evaluate the intensity of metabolism and reveal the pathological areas, including many types of tumors.

Description of production process
Oxygen is the most abundant element on the Earth. Natural oxygen is a mixture of three stable isotopes: oxygen-16 (99.76% at.), oxygen-17 (0.04% at.) and oxygen-18 (0.20 % at.). In order to enrich water with oxygen-18, CMR uses the rectification method. Separation of H216O and H218O occurs in distillation columns due to the difference in their boiling point values.

Oxygen-18 water form (H218O) by CMR packed in the type I glass vials. The standard package size is 50 grams per a vial. The smaller package size (e.g. 25 grams) per vial is available upon request.
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