Oxygen-18 gas


Chemical form: gas
Chemical purity > 99%

Oxygen-18 (O2−18) is a highly enriched isotope of oxygen (gas form).

Product description
Oxygen-18 is a naturally occurring stable isotope of oxygen. Natural abundance of O2−18 containing at least 99 atom % O-18.
Chemical purity of O2−18 is guaranteed on the level more than 99%. Quality control of the product is being carried out on several production stages to insure superior quality.

Product application
O2−18 isotopic labelling was employed, in conjunction with time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry, to characterize and elucidate the parts of the degradation mechanisms induced by molecular oxygen. Using O2−18 as a label, it is possible to study collagen degradation with this non-reutilized label and so avoid the large errors that are introduced by the recycling of other labels.
Oxygen-18 can be used to study the kinetic and functional analyses in photosynthesis research. It is used to estimate the role of oxygen in the vitamin-K dependent carboxylation reaction. Also used to measure the amount of oxygen produced by the etching a quartz tube with SF6 plasma.

O2−18 in gas form packed into aluminum cylinders with internal capacity 0.5 liters with valves outlet DIN 477−06, CGA-580. Cylinders and valves can be changed upon request or clients' cylinders can be used loaded.
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