Chemical form: carbonate
Isotope enrichment: ≥ 98% / ≥ 99.94%
Chemical purity > 99.9%

Strontium-88 (Sr-88) is a highly enriched stable isotope of strontium.

Product application
Sr-88 isotope is used for Strontium-89 radionuclide production.
Sr-89 is indicated for patients with definite signs of discomfort from skeletal metastases and with inadequate relief with other forms of therapy (e.g., chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and analgesics). Other causes of bone pain (e.g. osteoarthritis, nerve root compression) should be ruled out. Sr-89 is contraindicated in patients with elevated calcium levels. According to established guidelines, white blood counts should be greater than 2,400 to 3,000 and platelets greater than 40 to 100 10(9)/L prior to therapy. Product information indicates that caution should be used in patients with platelet counts below 60×10(9)/L and white blood cell counts below 2,400.
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