Oxygen-18 dioxide form

Сarbon dioxide-18O2

Chemical form: gas
Chemical purity > 99%

Product application
Carbon dioxide labeled with 18O (C18O2) was used as a tracer gas for single-breath measurements in six anesthetized, mechanically ventilated beagle dogs. C18O2 is taken up quasi-instantaneously in the gas-exchanging region of the lungs but much less so in the conducting airways. Its use allows a clear separation of phase II in an expirogram even from diseased individuals and excludes the influence of alveolar concentration differences. Phase II of a C18O2 expirogram mathematically corresponds to the cumulative distribution of bronchial pathways to be traversed completely in the course of exhalation.

C18O2 in gas form packed into aluminum cylinders with internal capacity 0.5 liters with valves outlet DIN 477−06, CGA-580. Cylinders and valves can be changed upon request or clients' cylinders can be used loaded.
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