Chemical form: gas
Isotope enrichment, %: ≥ 99.9%
Chemical purity > 99.9%

Xenon-124 (Xe-124) is a highly enriched isotope of xenon (a noble gas).

Product description
CMR provides Xenon-124 with different isotopic enrichments upon customers' requests. Chemical purity of Xenon-124 is guaranteed on the level more than 99.9%. Quality control of the product is being carried out on several production stages to insure superior quality.

Product application
Xe-124 is used as a precursor for both radioactive isotopes I-123 and I-125 production.
I-123 is an important thyroid diagnostic radiopharmaceutical isotope, also used for diagnostic analysis of brain, kidney and neurological diseases. This is also used for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.
I-125 is used in diagnostic imaging and detection of osteoporosis, and in radiotherapy treatment of prostate cancer through seed implantation.

Xenon-124 in gas form packed into aluminum cylinders with internal capacity 0.5 liters with valves outlet DIN 477−06, CGA-580. Cylinders and valves can be changed upon request or clients' cylinders can be used loaded.
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