Lutetium-177 is beta-minus emitter, that is very popular in radionuclidic therapy. CMR supplies with carrier-free Lutetium-177, suitable to the requirements of EP monograph 2798 "Lutetium (177Lu) solution for radiolabeling".

CMR Product code: R001

1. Non-carrier added radionuclide;
2. GMP product;
3. Tested for sterility and bacterial endotoxins.
Chemical form: [177Lu]Lutetium chloride solution in 0.04 HCl
Radiochemical purity: > 99%
Specific activity, Ci/mg: > 81.08
Half-life period: 6.65 days 
Production methods

Production methods

1. LU-176 (N, Γ) LU-177
The Lu-176 isotope is irradiated in a reactor and is produced by direct reaction Lu-176 (n,γ) Lu-177. As a result – Lu-177 with a sufficiently high specific activity. However, this method has a number of disadvantages:
  • As a result – Lu-177 with carrier, which limits its sphere of application in nuclear medicine.
  • This method leads to appearance in the received Lu-177 impurity long-lived activity of Lu-177m with a half-life of 160 days.

2. YB-176 (N, Γ) YB-177→LU-177
The Lu-177 isotope is obtained by the reaction Yb-176 (n,γ) Yb-177 followed by beta decay Yb-177 till Lu-177. Compared with the previous method, this method has several advantages:
  • When implementing this scheme, theoretical specific activity is much higher than in the previous method.
  • In the implementation of this scheme, Lu-177 is formed without a “harmful” carrier.
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