Analog MDP

Analog MDP is the sterile non-radioactive lyophilizate that is intended for use after the labelling with Technetium-99m. Radiopharmaceuticals are prepared directly before it use in the clinics and medical centers.

CMR Product code: С009

Trade name: Technephore, 99mTc
INN: Oxabiphor
Cold Kit content:
Stannous dichloride — 0,16 mg/vial
Sodium oxabiphore — 5,25 mg/vial
Radiopharmaceutical activity (99mTc): 185 — 740 MBq/vial

is suitable agent for bone scintigraphy, has proven valuable in the detection of primary and metastatic tumors, osteomyelitis, bone-joint tuberculosis etc.

Cold kit expiry: 12 months after the production date.
Radiopharmaceutical expiry: 5 hours since the preparation.
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