Reagents and consumables for radiopharmacy
CMR supplies the customers with the non-radioactive raw materials and consumables for the production and quality control of various radiopharmaceuticals:

  • Oxygen-18 enriched water, with isotopic enrichment ≥98%
  • Chemical precursors of radiopharmaceuticals
  • Pure reagents and reagent kits for syntheses and quality control
  • Cassettes for radiopharmaceutical automatic synthesizers
  • Consumables for hot cells and dispensing modules
  • Sterile final product vials, stoppers, aluminum caps
  • Medical syringes, needles, cannulas and same accessories
  • Chemical glassware, test tubes, pipette tips and other laboratory supplies
Chemical precursors
Reagent kits and cassettes
for radiopharmaceutical preparation
Ancillary materials
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