Chemical form: 129Xe
Isotope enrichment, %: ≥ 99
Molar mass, g/mol: 128.90
CAS №: 13965-99-6

Product description
Xenon-129 is one of the isotope of natural noble Xenon gas. Natural abundance of Xenon-129 is 26.4 atom %. CMR provides Xenon-129 with different isotopic enrichments upon customers’ requests. Chemical purity of Xenon-129 is guaranteed on the level more than 99.9%. Quality control of the product is being carried out on several production stages to insure superior quality.

Product application
The rare noble inert gas Xenon-129 is going through the process of hyperpolarization what allows to obtain an inhaled contrast agent with 100,000-strong signal amplification. It allows to visualize the entire respiratory system, as well as a regional assessment of gas exchange and lung function in one 10-second breath delay. In contrast to X-ray or CT procedures when patients exposed to ionizing radiation the technology with Xenon-129 is done without these negative effects.

Xenon-129 in gas form packed into aluminum cylinders with internal capacity 0.5 liters with valves outlet DIN 477-06, CGA-580. Cylinders and valves can be changed upon request or clients’ cylinders can be used loaded.
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