Chemical form: oxide/metal
Isotope enrichment, %: ≥ 98 / ≥ 99
Chemical purity > 99.9%

Zinc-68 (Zn-68) is a highly enriched stable isotope of zinc.

Product application
Zinc-68 is a target material for cyclotron irradiation and production of Ga-67 etc.
In other words Zn-68 is historically used as a precursor or for the important radiopharmaceutical isotope Ga-67 used for imaging of abdominal infections, soft tissue infections, detection of Hodgkins, osteomyelitis and diseases.
Zn-68 can also be used for the production of Ga-68 (new application developed in 2018 by ICNAS Portugal). Nowadays scientific researches use Zn-68 for the production of Cu-67.
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