Fluidomica SE-PLV synthesizer

Fluidomica SE-PLV synthesizer is based on extension unit for the IBA Synthera® synthesis module. The main purpose of the SE-PLV module is the automatic synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals labeled with Gallium-68 and Lutetium-177 radionuclides.

SE-PLV synthesizer consists of several components:
• main unit (synthesis module) with a heating block;
• control unit (CPU box);
• personal computer with control software.
Upon request, this synthesizer can be equipped with an acrylic shielding glass (for protection against β- and  radiation) and a portable compressor for supplying with compressed air.

The modular structure allows the compact installation of the small-size main unit inside a "hot cell" (for handling β+ or γ emitting sources) or inside microbiological isolator with a laminar flow. Control unit and computer can stand remotely, outside of "hot area". Recommended minimum dimensions for installing the module (W × D × H):
• for installing the main unit – 30 × 30 × 30 cm;
• for installing the main unit with the protective acrylic shielding – 60 × 60 × 60 cm.
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